Writing in the rarest form without expectations is a way to be yourself.  This a reflection of my true self in all different moods, experiencing a multitude of emotions. If you enjoy reading what goes on in someone else’s mind every now and then, keep reading.


What Was It
The gentle breeze corrupts the sun. A stormy night obstructs one’s love. Fallen in to the arms of the stars, a forbidden smile may spread across my face. Read more

Two Hearts
Two hearts equal one. Two friends under the sun. Treasure memories, never forgotten. Read more

Run Away
Temptations to seek, ambitions to leave. Confused, yet sure Read more 

Sick of work. Sick of play. Sick of Home. Sick of Stay Read more

The leaves turn brown, the ground feels cold Read more

Life as We Know It
The distant sky is a world to many. Forbidden to laugh, forbidden to cry Read more

New job, new day, new clothes. I wonder how things will go.  Read more

Shanna’s my beauty, my breath, my life Read more








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